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Yoga of Creativity

Welcome! My name is Kheyton, an interdisciplinary artist, a yoga practitioner, and an avid explorer of the philosophy of creativity. While engaging concepts of mindfulness, spirituality, and nature, my journey is fueled by a deep curiosity to observe the layers of the mind, and to convey unique perspectives to our community through accessible yogic & creative approaches. The aim is to facilitate one's reconnection with the inner being and kindle the flames of our authentic expressions. Together, through collaboration and shared experiences, we are building a community of diverse personalities on a quest for self-discovery. Join us as we explore, create, and grow!


Window into the Subtle

Visual journals as extension of the self

Through the accessibility of art-making, we delve into diverse creative methods of expression, enabling a deeper appreciation for the intrinsic power of everyday experiences. Our focus is not on the final outcome of a finished work, but rather on the immersive process of artistic creation itself. We recognize that growth lies in one's openness to communicate thoughts and emotions, to discern abstract feelings, and to embrace the richness of diversity.

Nature & the Outdoors

Beyond the confines of our physical walls

We humbly acknowledge the generosity of nature and approach its offerings with grace and gratitude. By transcending the confines of our physical environments, we mindfully attune ourselves to nature's nuances and open ourselves to the enlightening melodies it offers. Through our unwavering dedication to include natural elements into facets of our activities, we strive to foster a deep-rooted environmental consciousness within our community.

Gone will be Today's Tomorrow Kheyton Lim

Alain De Botton, Art As Therapy, 2013

"We are not transparent to ourselves. We have intuitions, suspicions, hunches, vague musings, and strangely mixed emotions, all of which resist simple definition. We have moods, but we don’t really know them. Then, from time to time, we encounter works of art that seem to latch on to something we have felt but never recognized clearly before... a fugitive and elusive part of our own thinking, our own experience, is taken up, edited, and returned to us better than it was before, so that we feel, at last, that we know ourselves more clearly."

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